Pony Party Planning and Deposit Forms


Please print out and mail, or copy/paste and email, this form to us. It will help with your party planning and give us all the information we need to make your party a fabulous success.



Party Worksheet

Please specify your location or our location.

Contact name:

Phone number:

Email address:

Address (location of party):

Date of the event:

Time of the event:

How many pony riders will there be?

How many ponies do you want?

What ages/weights will the riders be?

How long did you want the ponies for?

What type of event is this?

Did you want a party theme?

Is this a surprise?

Are Google map directions to your location accurate?

Extras? (Face Painter, Horse):

Description of party location, other details (where will the ponies work, where will we park the truck/trailer, anything to startle the ponies?):




Once we've confirmed your party Date and Time please either:

Mail us a $100 deposit check (balance due after party) payable to
  Seattle Pony Party
  12215 189th Ave SE
  Snohomish WA 98290


Contact us with a credit card number we can charge the deposit to. After the party we will charge the remaining amount to the card or you can pay us by cash or check.


Cancellation Policies:

We come rain or shine. The ponies don't care if it's raining and neither will the kids when they are on the ponies. So put on the rain jackets and keep the fun going! I would hate to be the parent that told the kids the ponies weren't coming... Should there be a need for us to cancel due to a catastrophic pony illness ( making all our ponies unavailable) or some other unlikely event we will refund your money and give you a credit for a discounted Seattle Pony Party.

If you must cancel within one week of the party we request that you reschedule your party for a later date.

Right to refuse service:

We reserve the right to refuse service in the highly unlikely event we find a situation dangerous to the kids or our ponies. Your safety is important to us. If this event or circumstance is beyond your control we will be delighted to refund your deposit.