Party Ideas


Ever notice how kid's birthday parties seem to get more elaborate each year? Party planning can challenge even the most organizationally competent parent. We can help by providing a magical party theme built around our stable and willing ponies while you focus on the cake and cookies - and the presents, the balloons, and oh yes, who's going to pick up Grandma...?

Here are some party ideas that can help make your child's birthday a day to remember. If you don't see a party idea that you like, let your imagination catch fire. We'd be delighted to help turn hope into reality.

Princess Party - Everyone wants to be a Princess (or Prince). While the real world opportunities are increasingly fraught with peril the possibilities at your child's birthday party are boundless. Care to be Queen for the Day? Itching to have your every whim made law? Our ponies can carry you into a whole new realm of power and privilege. (Groveling servants provided at substantial additional charge).

Wild West - Everyone who's driven across the country has seen the vast stretches of wilderness out there. Bring back a piece for your party with our friendly cow ponies. Roast your meal over an open fire, knot up a lasso and enter the roping contest. What a glorious tangle of fun! Did we mention that renegade band of Indians?

Knights of Yore - Care to couch a lance and sally forth into battle? We can guarantee your survival. Colorful barding and genuine plastic weapons are bound to catch some swooning maiden's eye, and maybe even daunt that evil knight on sight. Joust at the ring for praise and prizes! Alas, no direct pony-on-pony battles allowed.

Pegasus - Northwest clouds look so much better from above than below. Check out the view with our beautiful flying Pegasus. Soft white wings will loft you to dreamy heights, then carry you gently back to earth - all within the space of an hour. Advance notice required for adequate wing growth.

Thanksgiving - An event so popular we reenact it every year, Thanksgiving is the perfect theme for some serious cake eating. Gentle Indians and earnest Pilgrims gladly gather to celebrate another successful year of diligent growth on your child's part. Be there!

Here There Be Dragons - The frightful sight of a charging dragon has sent many a would-be hero into hasty flight. Fortunately our dragons are rather better behaved. Dare to ride a true monster all the way into his lair - and back again. No belching of flames near the straw bales, please.

Headless Horseman - Have you heard of the Headless Horseman? We've actually seen him. If your child hails from the infamous month of goblins and ghoulies, perhaps we can arrange a special visit. Our spectral ponies remain undaunted by even the most horrible hauntings. And if you don't manage the same, they'll provide you a means of quick retreat as well.

Sorcerer's Steed - Wizards don't walk, they ride Elven ponies conjured especially for the occasion. Tasteful robes and pointy hats just don't have the same impact if your steed isn't tacked out in appropriate traveling gear. With a bedroll and saddle bags you'll be ready for any quest. No wizard's staves on the ponies lest they get tangled up in fragile legs.

Unicorn - Despite infrequent sightings the elusive unicorn still captures youthful imaginations. Less fierce than their wild cousins, our unicorn ponies (ponycorns?) will waft your child on airy dreams of silk and glitter. Hearts have broken over less!

Please keep in mind these are custom theme parties and extra charges will apply. Contact us for more information and availability. These themes will generally add about $100 to your party total.