Mom's Groups and Field Trips

Come learn about ponies at a working barn!

Our ponies and handlers stand ready to welcome you to our working barn for a Mom's Group play time or a school-oriented Field Trip.

Your two hours of time at our barn include a full hour of hand-led riding on our gentle ponies and carrots to feed them afterward.

In Field Trip format we'll start with 45 minutes of education tailored to your kids, including the basics of safe pony handling as they help us groom and saddle the ponies. Then we'll take the ponies out and ride 'em!

Basic Pony Care: Grooming from the side


For Mom's Groups we'll ride first, then head to the party room for lunch or crafts, or outdoors to the marshmallow roasting pit. And there's always that last hungry pony wanting just one more handful of hay.

Lunch at the Barn


Cost for the full two hours is only $25/child with a 5 child minimum. We will provide at least one pony for every seven children to ensure your kids get the riding time they want.


Contact us now and we'll plan a barn event
that meets your needs.