Party Extras 


There's only one thing better than your child riding a pony: and that's

You riding with them!

Beautiful, sturdy Malibu delivers gentleness in the large, economy-sized package.

She has no trouble carrying most adults with a child, or even several children at once.

Her long, sure gait is great for reassuring nervous children, especially one nestled in the security of your own arms.

Malibu is available as an add-on to any party at the barn or at your location.

Cost: Malibu added for 1 hour to your party: $60, or $15 to upgrade from a pony

horse riding


Face Painting can give restless kids something to do while others take their turn on the ponies.

Simple face painting designs will add delight and interest to your party.

It's possible that you've never seen your child sit quite... this... still.........

Cost: Face Painter at your party: $45

face painting