Pony Day Camp

Learn to ride, feed, and care for ponies!

Our expert staff is ready to introduce you to all the joys of ponies at a series of four-day camps (Tue-Fri) during Summer, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

Each six-hour day will be packed with lessons, skill development, riding, and just plain fun as you learn to be a pony's rider, best friend, and caretaker.

Pony-related crafts will create take-home keepsakes to keep the dream alive through the long wait until next year's camps.

Our instructor/trainers have years of experience teaching horsemanship from beginning through advanced levels up to beginning jumping.

In collaboration with our gentle, friendly ponies and horses they teach proper riding habits that will stand you in good stead as long as you ride.

Our camp counselors are boundless in their enthusiasm and creativity, and truly care for children. A high ratio of both instructors and camp counselors to students guarantees that you will receive the personal attention that makes for an unforgettable learning experience.


pony camp


Join us at a modern working barn that presents all aspects of horse care.

You will learn pony grooming, washing, tacking, riding, feeding, health care, and maintenance of their stalls and paddocks.

You will learn hard, play hard, work hard, and get all sweaty-dirty-smiley.

And at week's end your efforts will create a Pony Rodeo where you and your camp mates will show off newly learned skills that will amaze your families.


pony camp
Quality Time


So if you are five to twelve years old and want to get up close and personal with the ponies, just read on down to everything you need to know.



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Intense concentration through the turn


   Pony Day Camp: The Details

Winter/Spring Dates, 2016/17:
     Dec20-23; Dec27-30
     Further weeks during Winter and Spring breaks can be arranged by request.

Summer Dates, 2017:
     Jul11-14; Jul18-21; Jul25-28; Aug1-4;
     Aug8-11; Aug15-18; Aug22-25; Aug29-Sep1


   Daily Schedule (10AM-4PM)

10:00 AM - Campers arrive, start barn chores
10:30 AM - Morning Ride: tack up, ride, untack
11:30 AM - Cleanup
12:00 PM - Sack Lunch
  1:00 PM - Group Lesson or Crafts
  2:30 PM - Afternoon Ride: tack up, ride, untack
  3:30 PM - Clean up, barn chores
  4:00 PM - Parents pick-up campers

Extended hours are available between 8AM and 5PM, to be spent in craft time and barn chores. See pricing below for costs.


   Daily High Points (a sample schedule)

Monday - Morning will be a barn safety and pony handling class, followed by riding evaluation to determine campers' skills and assign them ponies. Afternoon will start the riding sessions. Craft: horseshoe art.

Tuesday - Riding sessions, group lesson on pony anatomy. Craft: paint model horses.

Wednesday - Riding sessions, group lesson on pony feeding and colic. Craft: Pony-themed T-shirts.

Thursday - Riding sessions, group lesson on pony bathing. Craft: take pictures of campers with ponies, decorate frames for the pictures.

Friday - Riding sessions in morning, afternoon group lesson on pony dress-up in preparation for... The Pony Show at camp's end! All families are welcome! Come any time, show starts at 3:00.

We will match the riding lessons to the abilities of individual campers. If the number of campers requires us to split each lesson into two groups the campers will be grouped by experience level and the availability of ponies matching their skills.

Traditional instruction will be supplemented with lots of riding games on the ponies (Red light-Green light, etc.) to help develop newly learned skills.

Crafts and barn chores will be adjusted to fill the available time. Barn chores include pony feeding, mucking out stalls and paddocks (oh yes, ponies have two ends and we learn to take care of both), cleaning saddles, sweeping out the barn, light maintenance, etc.

Riding and group lessons will be in our sanded riding arena and hilly pastures; lunch and crafts will be in the adjacent, covered party room.

Parents are welcome to stay at camp and watch or to join in, especially on the first day when new campers might feel uncertain. There's plenty of room at the barn!


children pony camp
Ride 'em!


   Advanced Camp (New this Year!)

This year we are offering advanced camp during the week of Aug 18-22. We will be accepting only riders who are already competent at the walk and trot, and who are adequately comfortable at the canter. Our plan is to continue instruction from where our usual camps leave off.

Though the program will of course accomodate individual riders we envision more intensive instruction, more time in the saddle, more trail rides, and advanced barn chores such as tack maintainence/repair and horse lunging.

So if you're ready to move beyond the basics this is the week for you! If necessary we can designate additional weeks for advanced camp by arrangement: so round up your friends and give us a call! Maximum 6 campers per week.


   Pony Camp Personnel

Trainer/Instructor Stephanie Castner

Stephanie has rescued and trained numerous ponies over her twelve years in equestrian, all while actively participating in 4H and in shows around the Puget Sound area showing both English and Western. Currently owning her own Quarter Pony Henry, Quarter Horse Malibu, and Arabian Horse Kriya, Stephanie maintains a competitive riding career and lesson program with her horse and pony team. Stephanie also has volunteered in a third grade classroom for four years, has been a nanny to four children, and has instructed at five years of pony camps as well as other summer camps.

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   Pricing and Logistics

All sessions cost $400 per camper for the five-day week of 6-hour days. Partial sessions are pro-rated at $80 per day.

We request a $150 deposit to hold your camper's spot, though if your plans change inadvertently we will refund your full deposit.

We aim for a maximum of eight campers per session. Our trainer/instructors will oversee each riding session, with at least one craft person overseeing any campers doing crafts/chores.

We reserve the right to cancel or consolidate partly-filled sessions. We will accept sessions of as few as two campers, so if you need to attend on a particular week the best way to guarantee your spot is to recruit another camper (a friend, or even a sibling). To encourage this we offer a 10% discount for multiple registrations. Simply include all your campers' registration forms in the same packet and they're all 10% off.

Since in large sessions we will group riders of similar skill levels we cannot guarantee that you will ride with your friend if your skill levels differ greatly. No worries: by week's end you'll all be friends.

We accept campers 5 to 12 years old. We can arrange occasional hand-led rides during camp for younger siblings, but unfortunately we can't accept them as regular campers.

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Lunch is almost ready at Winter Camp


Please contact us with any questions.

To register please fill out the Registration Form and Liability Waiver and send with your deposit to the address given on the form. We accept registrations via phone or email, but Liability Waivers must be signed papers.

Required materials:
Sack lunch every day
Helmet, either riding or bicycle
Clothing you don't mind getting dirty, including:
      Long pants
      Closed-toed shoes (think mucking out stalls...)
      Shirt that preferably covers the shoulders
      Warm Jacket
Medicines or other necessary materials


Still can't decide? Ask us for a free
barn tour and pony ride!


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