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Seattle pony
Annie and Henry relax at the farm


Seattle Pony Party is a dream come true for owner Eric Johnson and his daugher Kierney.


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Eric Johnson, PhD, left a science research career in physics and oceanography to pursue a life outside the office. He dreamed of combining his love of animals, the outdoors and children's smiles into one package. Seattle Pony Party is the dawn of that dream.

After the devastating loss of one of his daughters to cancer in '97 Eric uses Seattle Pony Party to bring remarkable memories and joy into the lives of those we touch.

Eric and the team at Seattle Pony Party - and let's not forget the Ponies - look forward to being part of making your children's dreams come true.


Meet the Ponies


Annie is a 21-year-old white and silver pinto mare. She was trained as a riding pony at age three, then became a party pony at age four. Our most experienced party pony, Annie is solid and dependable in any situation.

She is also one of our more affectionate ponies, loving to be brushed and even cuddled by those she trusts. A true lady in all regards, Annie is the pony who trains our apprentice-handlers.

Annie carries up to 80lbs.

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Toby is a 25-year-old tri-colored pinto gelding. He is trained as a leading, riding, and driving pony.

The self-appointed protector of our pony herd, Toby is a perfectly polite at the parties but has more of a gentleman's reserve. Retired now from riding he is happy to come along as a brushing and petting pony; but treat-time is his definite favorite.


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Spike is an 20-year old gray/black Appaloosa-colored gelding who began as a riding pony and switched to parties four years ago.

He is a quiet and friendly pony who likes calm, gentle brushing and petting.

Suitable for our youngest riders, Spike is small, steady and slooowwww...

Spike carries up to 45.


Applesauce Applesauce is a larger 11-year-old bay mare.

Our youngest and largest pony, Applesauce graduated to full-time party work after several years of apprenticing next to Annie and the other ponies. With flying mane and gaits like the wind she's already breaking hearts.

Applesauce carries up to 110lbs.

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Dusty is an 21-year old Appaloosa gelding who began as a family pony. After raising 3 little girls to adulthood he retired to the quieter life of a few parties every weekend.

His family actually lived on our property before we bought it, so he's the old man of the place.

Dusty carries up to 100lbs.